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Software for transient states of circuits

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    So is there any software, that generates the differential equation for the input circuit?

    I am trying to solve a problem and I want to check if my equation is right.

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    Solve your equation, plot the results, and then compare to the output of a circuit simulation. LTspice is a good, free, simulator. It's worthwhile getting familiar with such a useful tool.

    I presume that there must be commercial packages out there that will produce a set of simultaneous differential equations from a netlist, but I couldn't say if they'd be generated in a form that would be usable to you. Also it would likely be just one component of a larger, rather expensive circuit analysis package.

    The only affordable software I'm aware of that will generate the differential equations from a circuit diagram is located between the ears :smile:
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    Thank you, I was solving my problems just like that, but still I can only check whether my particular solution, or steady state is correct. But then again if my particular solution is correct, probably the homogeneous is too.

    I am thinking, making the software myself, mainly in matlab. Somehow. Could be the topic for my B. diploma who knows.
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