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Software to make line graph, Like Excel?

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    Is there any software that will convert a series of numbers into a simple line graph, the same as Excel, but allowing me to use a lot more numbers?

    I'm writing a program in c to convert a sinewave, or any wave, into a triangular wave.
    I've sort of done it, but there is noise in my triangular wave output if the input is of varying frequency, and I don't know for certain why. It is very hard to tell by looking at a page of numbers, so I want to look at a graphical representation of my triangular wave and see what's going wrong. The data, the points on the graph, is too much for excel.

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    Matlab of course. Not free, though.
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    Gnuplot does the trick.
    Matlab - £3,000. The opposite of free!

    Many thanks
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    R is open source software and a library called ggplot2 allows you to make publication quality graphs. A bunch of examples are available at http://www.r-chart.com/" [Broken].
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