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Solubility-Pressure graph of Ammonia!

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    I have searched to find out how the solubility of Ammonia changes with pressure, but haven't been able to find out. Though data about solubility change with temperature is available. One have told me that solubility of Ammonia varies little with pressure. But, I want to be assured about that. Can anybody help me?
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    The critical temperature of Ammonia is 132.4°C and that means at ambient temperature and pressure it wouldn't act like a gas. At 0°C, the solubility of Ammonia in water (by mass) is 90% while at 72°C, it's almost insoluble.
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    Okay? The boiling point is -30 something C. It's a gas at room temperature. Do you mean it doesn't behave like an ideal gas? No gases do. Solubility of gases decrease with increased temperature, so that sounds legit.

    Because NH3 reacts with water, I'm not sure if differing gas pressures would cause solubility to change... but it might. I'll let the others here answer.
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    As per Henry's Law, solubility of different gases to water is different. I don't want to mean that solubility of Ammonia to water at different pressure doesn't change at all. But, as per an expert with whom I have talked about it a few days ago, told me that it's very low.
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