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Quantum Solutions Manual: Bransden's QM 2nd ed?

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    Hi all, does anyone know if Bransden's book has a solutions manual out there somewhere? I would loathe to go through the chapters before realising that I can't find solutions to its exercises.

    If not, are there QM texts out there with a similar scope to this book that do have solutions manuals to accompany them?

    Some background: I am an undergraduate with minimal knowledge of QM, but somehow got myself into a position where I'm assisting a postdoc in QM research, specifically, trying to understand this paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/1703.04597

    Advice (and recommendations to texts) are really appreciated!
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    Instructor solution manuals are for instructors, not for students. But if you are working with a post-Doc, maybe you can qualify for it through them?

    If only Instructor solution manuals are available, this thread will likely be closed to prevent illegal download links from being posted.
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    Unfortunately the postdoc doesn't have said manual. The thing is, the book diesn't provide answers to its problems either.

    Do you have any alternatives in mind for the text I mentioned? Thanks in advance.
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