Solve function for Supernode Circuit Analysis

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I am using a TI-89 Titanium ROM Version 3.10

I can use solve() readily for N equations and N unknowns, however:

I am trying to use the solve() function for Nodal Analysis with a Supernode

As you may recall, this means more equations than variables:

For example: (this is slightly modified from the real problem)

1] v1/2 + (v1-v2)/3 - 9 = 0 --> I am storing this STO > n1

2] v2/6 + (v2-v1)/3 - 7 = 0 --> I am storing this STO > n2


s] v2 + 5 = v1

or v1 - v2 - 5 = 0 --> I am storing this STO > n3

The supernode adds one more equation but there are only two variables


solve(n1 and n2 and n3, {v1, v2})

returns -> false

This may be a trivial fix or more complicated, but I cannot see a workaround

How do I use solve() when there are N unknowns and > N equations ??

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I'm sorry you are not finding help at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us?