Solving nonlinear first order DE w/ fractional exponents

  1. Hello. I have simple DE

    y' + p y^(1/2) = q

    I am confused because I tried bernoulli's method to solve and I think I exploded the universe.
    Basically, my initial condition of t=0,y=0 made infinity, not right. I'm not sure that method works when there is no y^(1) with q anyway.

    Any other suggestions to solve?
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  3. Do you need an analytic answer or can you use a computer to show it's behaviour through a numeric scheme? Also did you try wolfram alpha?
  4. Haha, totally forgot about wolfram alpha. sooo good. Anyway the solution it gave me is way to complex for my college DEQ class. I should probably change my equation. Thanks anyways.
  5. Hello,

    Solutionof the ODE in attachment :

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