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Solving nonlinear first order DE w/ fractional exponents

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    Hello. I have simple DE

    y' + p y^(1/2) = q

    I am confused because I tried bernoulli's method to solve and I think I exploded the universe.
    Basically, my initial condition of t=0,y=0 made infinity, not right. I'm not sure that method works when there is no y^(1) with q anyway.

    Any other suggestions to solve?
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    Do you need an analytic answer or can you use a computer to show it's behaviour through a numeric scheme? Also did you try wolfram alpha?
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    Haha, totally forgot about wolfram alpha. sooo good. Anyway the solution it gave me is way to complex for my college DEQ class. I should probably change my equation. Thanks anyways.
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    Solutionof the ODE in attachment :

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