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Solving Second Order nonlinear-ODE with mathematica

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    I am trying to solve a second order nonlinear eqn which is

    y''+3y'=1/(y^5), y'(0)=0, using mathematica.
    When I type
    DSolve[y''[x]+3*y'[x]=(1/(y[x])^5) ,y'[0]==0,y[x],x]; I get "second-order nonlinear ordinary differential equation" as a result.
    I don't understand what mistake I am making. I am not so much familiar to mathematica.

    Could You help me to solve this eqn.
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    Are you sure that this equation has an analytical solution? Try NDSolve instead.
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    The output you got from Mathematica means:
    'Sorry, I did not find a symbolic solution for the problem'.
    As the previous answer suggests, you should probably use
    NDSove to find a numerical solution (for which graphical
    representations can easily be created by Mathematica).
    For this to work, you have to completely specify
    initial conditions (i.e. you have not only to specify
    an initial condition for y' but also one for y).
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