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Some questions about minors

  1. Nov 21, 2014 #1
    I'm going to graduate this spring with a major in physics and a minor in theater, at least I hope. How is the minor dealt with? I kinda just took the classes for the minor, but I didn't sign up for the minor or anything like that, so I think I'm the only one who even knows about it. If I complete all the classes for the minor, is that it? I just say that I have the theater minor and people have to trust me (For instance if I audition for a play and want to put that on the audition sheet)? Are minors not written on the diploma? Thanks.
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    A good place to check this out would be on your school's course calendar.

    In most cases, even if the minor is not specifically mentioned on the diloma (sometimes the major isn't either) the details are in the official transcripts.

    For what it's worth, you may have to appy for your minor to be recognized. I suspect details vary from school to school.
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    You're probably going to have to fill out some type of form that states you're adding the minor and have it signed by someone in the theater department. Then turn the form in to the proper department. You need to ask an advisor what needs to be done and make sure you get that taken care of. It doesn't just magically appear on your diploma or transcript.
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    Ask someone in the college/university registrar's office, or in the theatre department office if they're big enough to have their own secretary, how to declare a minor. At the college where I work, you have to fill out a form that's similar to the one you use to declare a major.
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    Thanks guy. I'll do that.
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