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Some useful form of the eq. of state of a REAL gas?

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    It is written that:

    Another useful form of the equation of state of a real gas is:

    Pv= A + B/v + C/v[itex]^{2}[/itex] + ...

    Where A, B, C, .. are functions of temperature and are called the "VIRIAL COEFFICIENTS".
    (what does this mean?)

    Theoretical derivations of the equation of state, based on an assumed law of force between the molecules of a gas, usually lead to an equation in virial form.
    (What does this mean as well?)

    Last thing:

    The van der Waals equation can be put in he virial form as follows:
    (where did this come from?)

    Thanks in advance people :)!
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    That's an awfully big and vague question you've asked.

    Can you narrow it down a bit?

    You have posted the viral equation. Tables of virial constants are available as with other thermodynamic data. What more do you want to know?
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    What is its use in thermodynamics?!

    I mean at least in what way does it make eq of state of a real gas USEFUL?!

    I don't really get it..
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    What is a virial eq? At least a simple hint will do it.
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