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Something wrong with E=mc2

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    I dont see eye to eye with Einstien on this one. how is light speed the conversion point to energy. I think the conversion point for pure energy is at a speed equall to the distance to come all the way around the perimeter of the universe and not take time to do so. So, hypotheticaly speaking, you would see a blur all around the edge of the universe for less than a second.
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    Einstein did not just concoct this equation because he felt it was pretty. This equation is derived from the two postulates of special relativity.

    - Warren
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    Darn I just went off on someone for bad grammer and I just reread my last post and it is sprinkled with mistakes. Disregard the last post and read this one...

    Since the Universe is expanding, the perimeter of the Universe is constantly changing; which by your reasoning, means that the rest energy of any mass is constantly increasing (because we think the universe is expanding not contracting) That, of course means the 1st Law of Thermodynamics would be broken. Besides if you try to figure out what the "speed equal to the distance to come all the way around the perimeter of the universe and not take time to do so" is you will get infinity. You are dividing a finite number (assuming the Universe is finite which makes sense otherwise how could it expand)by 0 which is basically undefined. But if we put on our calculus hats then we can more or less say it is infinity (calm down math nuts what I meant to say was that the limit as the denominator approaches 0 is infinity).

    Besides Chroot is correct.
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    Hmm? Did I miss something?

    Anyway, a good website on E=Mc2's derivation:
    http://www.davidbodanis.com/old/r4.htm [Broken]
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    According to special relativity time will stop if any body reaches the speed of light (C). If I'm right then it would take no timefor the body to go around the parametre of the universe in no time.
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