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Sound of Music

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    I was watching 'The sound of Music' for the nth time with my 11 year old daughter. There is a scene at the beginning, the Reverend mother tells Maria to go to the Captain's house. My daughter insists the reverend mother says "the captain's wife died seven years ago". And when the kids's names are introduced, the youngest one (Gretl) is 5 year old. My daughter is confused :)

    The DVD caption and the screen play transcripts in the web conveniently skips that specific sentence.

    A retired officer of the lmperial Navy. His wife died, and he is alone with the children. I understand he has had a difficult time keeping a governess there.

    I too hear it as "seven years", but how-could-they-make-such-a-silly-mistake logic makes me think that she actually said "several years".
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