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Sound Wave Cancellation

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    When two waves cross each other's path, even if they are identical, they won't just disappear. They'll set up standing waves where they are interfering provided they are identical. Beyond that they will continue on their path. There will be no sound wave cancellation.
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    That A pressure wave will not cancel, in absolutia I would agree, except in mathematics where 'absolutia' is found, in reality? NOT absolutely, But Mostly.
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    Where does the energy in the sound waves go?
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    Cancels out, In Math its' a Minus one, meeting a Positive one, and the result is Zero, in Reality 0.99999∞+1 ≡ 0.99999∞-1 as Individual Event histories, hence There is a Resultant of One, just how large that one is, is another story altogether.

    But, that is Reality.

    If a Negative trough meets it's opposite and equal Peak they will (should) cancel out, How 'perfectly-well' that can be done, in reality is 'fun' for some folks.
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    You're joking right?

    Two individual sound waves transport a net positive energy. Their energies can't just cancel out.
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    They are waveforms, they have shape, they can be equated as 'equal and opposite' in 'shape and form' as to cancel.

    The reality one is simply quantum physics, how finely it needs be cut as to ensure that everything remains idiosyncratic, and asynchronus, both are Math, so Both show Ideals.

    IN Physical reality I have watched it on television, it works, Almost totally.

    Is this going to continue on, forever?
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    They will not cancel. Try imagining two waves of equal amplitude and frequency with a phase difference of 180 degrees. They will create standing waves where they intersect. At other points, they will simply continue along their path.

    What you are suggesting would violate the first law of thermodynamics.

    Quantum Physics has nothing to do with sound waves, atleast not on macroscopic levels.

    TV =/= reality.

    If you want to quit, say so. I like to have the last word though. :smile:
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    O.K. I'll play your game .. .. ..my rules though.

    {Oh yes, they are Pressure waves, Not electrical or EMR right?}

    To play this game, first you must "Master the Game" by making a Move, to prove you are a Master, though, you must not make any moves.

    G'ee head .. .. .. ..
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    I don't accept your rules.

    Don't post off-topic comments please
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