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Sound Waves

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    Let's say that you're waking down a hallway heading toward your next class, and somebody inside calls to you from the room--one has a low bss voice and another has a high soprano voice. They both call to you with the same volume. Which one would you be able to hear better?
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    Higher pitched sounds tend to be more attention-getting to humans. I have a hunch that they also take corners better because of the shorter wavelength, and thus disperse better throughout a building, but I don't know for sure.
    From personal experience, I know that I would hear the high-pitched one better.
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    Agreed, although in seismology low frequency waves attenuate less quickly and also tend to travel faster because they sample deeper (and faster) earth material.
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    Oh, I certainly agree that bass or even infra-sonic frequencies carry far better. Hence whalesongs being detectable half-way around the planet, or earthquakes showing up all the way on the other side.
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