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Sources to learn about Rocket Science?

  1. Sep 11, 2015 #1
    I know calculus, multivariable calculus and classical mechanics.
    So, I'm thinking about doing a project about rockets, so I'm looking for sources to learn about Rocket Science.
    Do you know good sources, like courses, books... for a 15 years old?
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    here or here google lists a whole bunch of sites. Pick one you like. For the physics, google some more.
    The saying "it's not rocket science" to indicate that the target area is simple gives the impression that rocket science is very high-brow. It isn't. Your classical mechanics is a real good basis.

    (All assuming you won't be able to play with real rocket fuel in your project)
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    Ok, thanks for your sources! But, I want to do a project about Microrockets. Do you know any sources about this? I'll be very very gratefull.
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    I'll be so gratefull for any source about Micro-rockets, becouse when I search about this in Google some strange things about biology appears!
    I've seen the TEDed talk about Micro-rockets.
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    how about this?

    It seems like it's an american rocketry competition for high school students and even Obama attended.

    Scroll down and you can see the map with all the locations of the teams, look for a participating team near your location and click on the dot to get the contact information.
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    Yes, do try to see if there is a TARC team near you…or start one! And you may find a team, or graduates thereof, who will mentor you. Where are you located?

    Our Girl Scout troop started this a few years back and now one of the girls will be going to college for Aeronautical Engineering. They qualified for Nationals twice, in Virginia, hundreds of smart folks blasting rockets-SO SO cool!

    Once upon a time I got interested in building speakers-I pursued it obsessively, to the point of photocopying an 8" stack of journal articles at a university and then reading and trying to understand everything.

    this magazine might be of interest:

    Somehow, read all the books you can and try to shoot off actual rockets as much as you can. Good luck!
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