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Where can I find an online mentor?

  1. Sep 29, 2015 #1
    I want to do a project on MicroSatellites to make research and maybe go into a Science Fair.
    The problem is that rockets are such big field but microsatellites are a very narrow area that I need to find a mentor. An online mentor. Where can I find it? Do you want to be my mentor. I'm 15. So much thanks :)

    Just to add that I know calculus and multivariable calculus, a little bit about differential equations, classical mechanics and a little bit of quantum mechanics (all them by books, MITOCW, and edx.org).

    Thanks so much for your answers :(
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    You will need to hire someone from out of pocket. You are basically asking people to work for free. Best advice is to find forums that have interest similar to yours and frequent there. Read, read, read. Also, ask a teacher you know if you guys can do an independent study.
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    Ok, as it seem hard to find a mentor (I've also problems of shyness), Is so hard to hold on research by my own? After all, even having a mentor would no allow me to try Nanorockets in a lab (maybe better computer simulations). Having only 1 answer would make me happy :)
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