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Spacetime line element to describe an expanding cube

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    Hi, I have to write a spacetime line element for the shape of a cube of cosmological dimensions. This cube is expanding like this:

    i)With time, the cube becomes elongated along the z-axis, and the square x-y shape doesn't change.

    ii)The line element must be spatially homogeneus. (I dont know what this means).

    I think there must appear the scale factor a(t) because of the expansion, but I don't know how to use the conditions of the expansion.

    For a cilinder, I would use something like this: [itex]dS^2=-dt^2+a^2(t)(R^2 d\theta^2+dz^2)[/itex] where R is the radius of the cilinder.

    Any help?

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    Spatially homogeneous means that your universe is translation-invariant. In other words, the metric cannot depend on x,y or z.

    If the cube gets elongated in the z-direction, then you need at least two scale factors: one for z and one for x and y.
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    [tex]ds^{2} = -c^{2}dt^{2} + dx^{2} + dy^{2} + a^{2}(t)dz^{2}[/tex]
    [tex]\dot a > 0[/tex]
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    Thanks for your answers.

    Ruta, I don't get why that line element satisfies the first condition.
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    This is certainly something you need to figure out before you can answer the question.

    How would you know if something satisfies that condition? What does the condition mean, physically?
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    It means that the area of the cube in the x-y plane is constant for every z. Doesn't it?
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    Do you understand comoving coordinates? Those in the z direction are being "stretched" while those of in x-y plane remain fixed.
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