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Homework Help: Special Methods in Electrostatics

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    The problem says

    Verify by direct integration that

    F= qE = - q^2/(16*pi*epsilon_0*d^2) in the "x unit" direction

    is the resultant of the Coloumb force between q and the induced charge described by

    sigma_f(y,z) = -qd/(2*pi*(d^2+y^2+z^2)^3/2


    Okay, I am not sure what to integrate here. Do I integrate the surface charge density or the force?

    Thank you,
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    F = -dU and -(grad V) = E so maybe your suppose to verify electric potential by integrating qE along x. I'm not sure exactly what they are asking for either...
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    Please note that the OP is nearly 5 yrs old. I would assume this homework problem has long neen resolved.

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