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Homework Help: Special relativity of a rocket

  1. May 31, 2009 #1
    How fast must a rocket travel on a journey to and from a distant star so that the astronauts age 12.0 years while the Mission Control workers on earth age 130 years ? c

    As measured by Mission Control, how far away is the distant star? in light years

    my attempt
    Time in moving reference frame = (sqrt(1-beta))*time in inertial reference frame

    12/130 = sqrt(1-beta)
    12/130 ^2 = 1- beta
    12/130^2 = Tn
    tn = 1-beta
    beta = 1-td
    beta = v^2/c^2

    converting light years to seconds (1ly = 31556296 seconds)
    ((12*31556926) / (130*31556926))^2 = 8.520*10^-3
    1-(8.520*10^-3) = 0.99147 = beta
    v^2/c^2 = 0.99147
    sqrt(0.99147*c^2) = v
    v/c = 0.9957 c which is 0.9957 as a fraction of the speed of light that the rocket has to be traveling
    this was correct

    not quite sure how to solve the next one
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    Doc Al

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    Good. Note on terminology: Beta usually stands for v/c, not v^2/c^2.

    According to Mission Control, how fast was the rocket moving and how long did it take to reach its destination? (Use basic kinematics.)
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