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Spectral density questions

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    Hey guys

    Basically im doing exam revision and the lecture notes ( and the lecturer) arent that great so i was wondering if you guys could point me to some good resources, specifically those pertaining to the topics below.

    1.) equivalent noise bandwidth of an amplifier (or any transfer function)
    2.) A bit of info surrounding spectral density. I understand its purpose but have no idea how to use it as it was presented in a very etherial hand waving way. Also SD of white signals (is a white signal white noise?)
    3.) Also the significance of the root power spectral density of voltage and current noise with respect that discussed above.

    Obviously if any of you guys can give it to me in a nutshell (so you dont have to shpeel if you dont want to) then that'd be great, if not some webpages with some info would be much appriciated.

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    Nobody? Cmaaan...
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