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News Speculations for 2008?

  1. Aug 7, 2004 #1
    So, I'm bored of all the talk of the 2004 election, especially when the 2008 elections are coming up in only 4 years and 88 days :eek:!

    So, anyone got any predictions for 2008? Try to think of both scenarios (a Kerry or Bush victory) this year and come up with your predictions, and in 4 years, if anyone gets it right, he or she will recieve a box of cookies, curtosey of me :wink:

    So, in the event of a Bush victory, I'm gonna guess It's Hillary Clinton VS. John McCain. I will further postulate that McCain will choose Jack Ryan as a running mate, and Clinton will choose Howard Dean. :biggrin:

    In the event of a Kerry victory, I'm gonna guess McCain won't run, and that Kerry will run for re-election un-opposed. Jeb Bush seems like someone who might run, but I have a feeling he won't, and it will be some Republican who isn't really a national figure (same way Kerry wasn't before being elected). Also, I'm going to guess he'll be a very personable guy, relatively young (or at least young looking, Edwards style) with more moderate views than Bush, maybe pro-life, pro-gay marriage, anti-tax cuts during war, pro larger tax cuts for the poor and less or no tax cuts for the wealthy or pro-environment. I'm not expecting all of these stances to be found in one republican (or else he'd pretty much be a democrat), just one or two of them so that they could try to woo independent voters. Hell, who knows, he might actually be diplomatic and intelligent as well.

    Anyone else have any guesses? I've heard some people throw around the idea that if Bush wins again and it seems apparent that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee, that the republicans might choose Condoleezza Rice, so that Hillary wouldn't just automatically get the female vote and be able to play the "sex card" to her advantage, and the race would really be settled on issues. It would certainly be interesting to see two people so diametrically opposed to each other, and also to see a black woman with a latin name as the Republican Candidate. However, I think the idea of Rice as the republican candidate is just kind of ridiculous all around.

    But hell, I'm 16, what do I know...
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    I presume you mean unopposed in the primaries. He would certainly have a republican opponent in the Fall. It's really hard to see who the GOP would put up. I think Jeb Bush wouldn't have a chance, given this is a scenario where G.W. Bush lost the previous election - the meme "Bush's are one-term presidents" would be in everybody's minds. Probably some Republican governors would duke it out in the primaries.
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    The terminator...
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    The terminator will have to wait for new rules.

    From the Left : Kerry (for re-election, if elected), Hillary (if not)

    From the Right : Giuliani (if Kerry runs for re-election), McCain (if not)
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    Gray Davis v. Dick Riordan
  7. Aug 8, 2004 #6
    If Kerry wins this election, there's no strong guess about who he'd face from the Republicans.

    If Bush wins this election Hilary will undoubtedly run in 2008 (and in 2012 if Kerry wins).

    I'd like to see Powell run in 2008, I doubt it will happen but he would definately have my vote even tho I won't be voting Republican this November.
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    Now, that's really funny ! :rofl::rofl:
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    Republicans: McCain, regardless of this election.

    Democrats: Kerry for re-election or Edwards.

    Giuliani would be an interesting alternative to McCain for the Republicans. Any hopes of Powell being reluctantly drafted as a Republican candidate disappeared with his stint as Secretary of State - whether he's constantly left out of the loop and duped by the rest of the Bush adiministration, a renegade valiantly chasing losing propositions in hopes of salvaging some sense of diplomacy, or just plain bad and inept, Powell just hasn't looked very presidential.

    Hillary running for the nomination would seal the election for Republicans, regardless of whether she actually wins the nomination and loses the election or loses in a tough primary race that tanks the eventual Democrat nominee.
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    No way will McCain ever make the final run for presidency for the Republican party, not a chance. He is despised by the conservative side of the party. I don't use the word "despised" lightly.
  11. Aug 8, 2004 #10
    Taco Bell Chihuahua (R) vs. Geico Gecko (D)

    Taco Bell Chihuahua with such memorable campaign slogans as "Here lizard, lizard lizard" and "Oh great, a talking gecko", wins in a landslide. Geico Gecko's demise comes when the public detects his phoney English accent.
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