Speed inorder to shift green light to blue light?

  1. Hypothetically if your in a jet or spaceship & are shining a green laser pen out the window how fast must you travel to cause the green light (570 nm) to change into low energy blue light (475 nm)
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    Look up the Doppler effect.
  4. fo = fv/(v ± vs)? This isn't a hw problem & im not in a physics class, I was just curious
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    You need to use the relativistic Doppler formula:

    [tex]f_o = f_s \sqrt{\frac{1 + \beta}{1 - \beta}}[/tex]

    where β = v/c

    Solve for β, then you'll have the speed. To convert wavelength to frequency, use c = fλ.

    This tells you the frequency shift seen by an observer when the light source moves toward him at speed v.
  6. Oh ok thanks I'll try it out
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