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Speed of a vehicle at moment of impact

  1. Mar 3, 2013 #1
    if a saab 93 estate approx weight 1600kg is hit in the passager door head on by a toyota avensis weighing 1380kg what speed does it have to be doing to move the saab 10 feet to the side.
    additional weighs involved are saab plus one person 100kg
    toyota additional two persons approx 130kg
    dry conditions no breaking involved.
    hope there are some people out there who can answer this,have to confess that electricity and everything associated with it is my bag and trying to work this out has just left me with a head ache...
    thanks in advance
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    There are too many unknowns to get an accurate answer. We would have to reconstruct the accident from looking at the actual location, checking angles of impact, any accelerometer data, street conditions, etc. There is zero chance for a short message board post to contain enough information for even a rough estimate.
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