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Spooky action at a distance - gravitons

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    What is the explanation for gravity being weaker than expected?
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    "Expected"? What do you expect?
    Find the reason why gravity is so weak compared to other interactions, and you'll win the nobel prize. Small extra dimensions are a possible explanation, but they are just a hypothesis. There does not have to be some deeper reason at all.

    This has nothing to do with "spooky action at a distance" or gravitons.
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    "action at a distance"

    I thought "action at a distance" was a term used for both gravity and entanglement.
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    "spooky action at a distance", the title of your post, is a term sometimes used to describe entanglement. As mfb said, this has NOTHING to do with gravity or gravitrons
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    Well gravity certainly has action at a distance, as does the electromagnetic force and the strong force and the weak force. There's nothing spooky about any of it though, that's a term used only with entanglement.

    EDIT: the distances involved with the various forces are extremely different and in practical terms, gravity is the one most often associated with "action at a distance" (but again, nothing spooky going on).
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    so what is the mechanism of gravity?
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    Find a definitive answer for that and you will get a Nobel prize. Unite gravity with Quantum Mechanics and you'll get TWO Nobel prizes :smile:
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    If gravity could warp "subtract" space time 1 unit "per moment", then the second "moment" would show acceleration, 1/100 first moment, 1/99 second moment.
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    We don't discuss personal theories here. Thread closed.
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