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Spreadsheets Inside of Spreadsheets

  1. Aug 28, 2009 #1
    So, I can create a spreadsheet inside a spreadsheet as follows in Excel:

    1) Open the visual basic toolbar
    2) Select More controls
    3) Select Microsoft Office spreadsheet

    The spreadsheet seems to be a web component (which means I guess it is more light weight then a regular spreadsheet and probably has some security restrictions). I thought this would be a cool way to represent arrays inside of excel. However there are some things I don't like:

    -I don't think their are any options for hiding the things like, column headings, toobars and such.....these make it look very ugly and should only show if you are editing values in it.
    -The display in non compact. It is a good format for editing but not for display, besides if I want to edit a value in it I'd probably rather it open in a separate window.

    3. I suppose I could always create my own active x object for excel although that kind of defeats the purpose because I like excel because it is available on most computers. I might not have the rights to link additional libraries on other computers. Also for anyone who use the spread sheet it creates an extra step of linking a library they will have to go through before using the spreadsheet.

    Is there a way I can extend these objects from inside excel without writing any external libraries. Maybe make it so I can put some kind of canvas over it for display, and then move the canvas to the back when people are in edit mode. I notice when you are in visual basic edit mode excel gives you the option to move things to the front or move things to the back but I would like it so the display object could be treated as the same object as the spread sheet object.

    edit Thinking further perhaps it would be more fun to use something like mathype to represent arrays in excel instead of embedding a spreadsheet in a spreadsheet. It would certainly look prettier. Or maybe use something like mathtype for the visual part but store the data in a separate embeded spreadsheet.
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