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Spring Constant and cord length? * Need explanation*

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    Okay, so hi. I am brand new here at PF and im signed up to ask this because this site appears to have allot of people who actually care and explain how to answer things.

    I have a spring and a 200g weight.
    - The unstretched spring is: 0.238m long
    - Stretched spring (with 200g weight hanging from it): 0.305m long

    I calculated the constant of the spring in newtons per meter : 29N/m
    We are suppose to drop "a jumper" a.k.a my 200g weight from a 10m drop.
    My prblem is to find the length of string i need in order to have a successful bungee jump and not have a dead "jumper"
    I dont get the constant, because the constant is just the length of the spring with the weight on it, and the spring stretches more then just 0.305m, speacialy if i drop it from 10m up.
    Please help me.
    29N/m is (to me) a useless value and have no idea on how to get the length of string so that my "jumper" does not die.

    Notes: i tried to make this as clear as possible.

    Why i need help: Because i would like to know how bungee jumping works. (presentation in english class, need to understand all of it and not just read stuff on google.)
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    so sorry about posting this here. I read the homework rule after posting this.

    Request delete.
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