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Homework Help: Spring Constant of a Spring in a Shock Absorber?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    What is the spring constant of a spring in a shock absorber? Also, does a spring constant of 288 N/m sound right for a regular spring such as the one attached?

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    I can't seem to edit my post. If possible, I'll also need a citation or URL.
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    Also, one more thing (sorry :[), if I were to draw a graph of the relationship between the x value (on the x-axis), and the elastic force (on the y-axis) of a spring, and I was needed to draw a line of best fit, would it be more accurate to make sure the line of best fit passes through the origin? When x = 0, the force is also equal to 0.
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    If x means extension then x =0 usually means F =0.
    So you should make the line pass through 0,0
    You have the correct units for spring stiffness.
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