What is Shock absorber: Definition and 22 Discussions

A shock absorber or damper is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to absorb and damp shock impulses. It does this by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy (typically heat) which is then dissipated. Most shock absorbers are a form of dashpot (a damper which resists motion via viscous friction).

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  1. A

    Damped Oscillatory Motion with Varying Bump Timing for Control

    First of all, the problem is not clearly defined as they don't specify if the given mass is the total mass of the car, or just the sprung mass of the car, which is really what's relevant. In any case, with the limited information given, it seems like one is forced to make the assumption that...
  2. M

    Car test, and vibrations problem

    Homework Statement in tests to choose the most comfortable shock absorbents, 3 cars are used, with the same mass "m", and the same springs, but different shock absorbents. the graphs show the changes in car height when passing over a bump (y=0 being the normal state of the car). . . . -Witch...
  3. M

    Work Energy Equation Help (what size shock absorber to use)

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to work out what size shock absorber to use. It's going under a seat so just the weight of a man really that it has to support. I've found a website showing the equations I need but I'm not sure about one of the steps. In step 2 it asks force output of the motor/drive...
  4. V

    Mass-spring-damper system "shock absorber"

    Homework Statement Find equations of motion for mechanical system given by picture, where m = 1kg, k1 = 10, k2 = 25, b = 3 and natural lengths of springs are a1 = 1m, a2 = 2m. The whole system is in a gravitational field g = 9.81m/s^2 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I came up with...
  5. JulienB

    Shock absorber (oscillation)

    Homework Statement Hi everyone! I'm still trying to make my way through the wonderful land of oscillations. That's going to take a while. :DD The springs and shock absorbers of a small truck have been conceived, so that the truck body sinks of a distance s = 100mm by full load (total mass m =...
  6. H

    Height adjustable Shock absorber possible?

    Greetings, in my total distraction of designing the ultimate Off-road/Overland vehicle, I've been thinking about the following matter: Is it possible that a vehicle can be raised/lowered by pumping/removing extra oil into the shock absorber? And if so, would it affect the ride? Could it be...
  7. A

    How can the deflection of a rod be lengthened to stabilize the shock at T = 2.51?

    The current of a regenerative shock absorber is modeled by I = -5e^(-0.5t) cos t - 10e^(-0.5t) sin t Given that the charge, q, in an electrical current is related to, I by I = dq/dt and that at t = 0 the charge of the regenerative shock absorber is q=80, find the charge when t = 5 Hint=...
  8. N

    Calculating Shock Absorber Energy Dissipation for Car Bounce

    Homework Statement How much energy must the shock absorbers of a 1240 kg car dissipate in order to damp a bounce that initially has a velocity of 0.840 m/s at the equilibrium position? Assume the car returns to its original vertical position. Homework Equations Fs = -kx The spring...
  9. L

    How does a shock absorber work or should work?

    An hydraulic shock absorber of a vehicle operates, usually, by viscous friction: the braking force is proportional to the relative speed of the mechanical parts (piston sliding in cylinder) through passage of the fluid (oil); in some more sophisticated cases there are valves that reduces the...
  10. E

    Calculate approximately G-force applied on Car shock absorber

    I have to do some dataacquisition from a car with some accelerometers. 4 accelerometers is placed on the wheels before the shock absorber. And i need to calculate the maximum applied G-force on the accelerometers. Just an approximately value, not taking in account the type of wheel...
  11. T

    Spring Constant of a Spring in a Shock Absorber?

    Homework Statement What is the spring constant of a spring in a shock absorber? Also, does a spring constant of 288 N/m sound right for a regular spring such as the one attached?
  12. G

    Design Bicycle Cargo Rack w/ Shock Absorbers for Laptop

    I am trying to design a bicycle cargo rack that uses shock absorbers to protect sensitive equipment (i.e. a laptop computer). I have data for the maximum height from which laptops can fall without damage as well as the maximum acceleration to which they may safely be subjected. I am planning to...
  13. B

    Artillery Recoil Mechanism as Dual-Action Shock Absorber

    I've just viewed the National Geographic Channel's "Engineering Connections" program. specifically, the episode entitled "Airbus380", and that episode's discussion of the A380's landing gear shock absorbers, which used bicycle pumps filled with water to illustrate the basic principle of...
  14. P

    Eco-material selection. Shock absorber.

    As part of an assignment I have to redisign a product using an eco-material. I choose phone covers. From the silicone, rubber or plastic ones I intend to redisign using bamboo or cork. I would like to have some insight on the matter, what are the main properties i should be looking for...
  15. V

    Shock Absorber Design Through Matlab Iteration

    Calculating area under graph from results of a for loop Im currently designing a shock absorber for an aircraft undercarriage, i have input all the relevant information and formulas into Matlab and created an M file with a functioning for loop giving a graph. The problem I'm having now is that...
  16. T

    What are the different materials used in a spring shock absorber?

    I am to design a shock absorber for my project. Pl tell me what material the various components would be made of. Just gimme any rough idea you would have or just make a wild guess Anything! I just need a start and then I will take it from there. I have designed the thing on Solidworks but do...
  17. Loren Booda

    Protect Your Electronics: Choosing the Right Surge Protector for Thunderstorms

    If a thunderstorm approaches, would you turn off your electronics, unplug them or rely on a surge protector to avoid frying your circuits?
  18. Y

    Bicycle Shock Absorber Question

    I have a mountain bicycle with a rear spring shock absorber. Recently the shock absorber broke. Until I can purcahse a replacement I was thinking of building a rigid piece of steel to replace the shock, essentially making my bike a non-suspended unit, but still be able to ride it. So here...
  19. W

    How Do Rubber Bands and Spring Constants Affect Egg Drop Vibrations?

    Homework Statement The problem verbatim from the text: "One of the winners in an egg-drop contest was a structure in which rubber bands held the egg at the center of it. Attached is a model. Consider the egg to be a particle of mass m and the springs to be linear with spring constants k...
  20. D

    Physics of a Vibration Dampener (Tennis shock absorber)

    Can someone explain to me the physics involved in this? Why does the dampener absorb some of the shock? Where does that shock go? This sort of stuff... Please do explain Thanks in Advance
  21. L

    Frequency reponse of shock absorber piston in F1 car

    Hello everyone! This might be bit of the 'electrical engineering' topic - but maybe someone out there can help :) Does anybody have any idea of what the maximum frequency of a piston in a shock absorber of a forumula 1 car is? What do i mean: How many times does the piston (in a shock...
  22. Gokul43201

    Testing Your Shock Absorber Prototype: Min Drops to Determine Breaking Height

    You are designing a type of shock absorber that protects delicate objects from jolts during transportation. To test your prototypes, to decided to find the maximum height from which a crytal vase wrapped in your absorber can be safely dropped. You get a step ladder with 40 steps and decide to...