Stainless steel tube weight load

  1. I'm building a sun cover for my open air atrium. Dimension is 8x8 ft. I'm building with clear cedar(ver expensive). In one direction, I'm placing 19 8ft 2x4 cedar boards tilted vertical and spaced 5 inches apart. Knowing the boards spanning 8 ft, anchored at both ends to the square frame, will sag as moisture penetrates during the winter. Question. I want to place on top of the 19 boards a stainless tubular beam! At the mid point and perpendicular to the 19 boards. The beam will attach via screws every 6 inches. The weight dry for each cedar board is 6.5 pounds. What should be the dimensions and thickness of the stainless (or other metal) to ensure support of these 19 boards? How do I factor holes drilled and water weight of boards? Any takers on this? Thank you!
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    I'm sorry you are not finding help at the moment. Is there any additional information you can share with us?
  4. Greg I'm not sure what additional information is required. I don't think this is a particularly complicated question or technical spec, so not sure why no responses. Anyone with metal expertise would have an answer off the cuff, no calc required. Thanks for checking in. Appreciate your forum monitoring.
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    Well, you haven't told us whether you are building this in the Arizona desert or somewhere with 10 feet of snowfall every winter, so how do you expect us to guess what the moisture content might be?

    I think you need to talk to an engineer, architect, or buildings inspector who understands your local building code regulations, not get advice from random people on the internet.
  6. A rather strange response. This specific forum is asking technical questions, as per other postings. If you want to ask followup questions, simply ask but don't shut down a legitimate posting question by redirection. I btw, have received exceptionally good advice from "random people" on the internet. Pls don't respond unless you have something positive to add to my question. Thanks.
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