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Starting point to converting resonance/frequency into temp

  1. Jun 12, 2017 #1
    Would people assume my take on converting frequency to temperatures of specific frequencies would possibly cause a corelation between the two using a research table of precise temperatures which are matched to a focal point of a laser, of an object, at its resonance level and at room temperature and then be converted to temperature based on these key objectives measured to make the analysis, would these be the factors leading up to the findings?

    Measuring the thermal radiation (heat factor) of the overall temperature permeating, would result from the resonating lasers temperature of its wave length at the focal point of the laser, on the object and would be aimed at every decimal value frequencey.

    A heat factor at each given frequency maybe the easiest sorting process to converting vibrations into a thermal temperature of heat through the focal point, you could work out a set of multiplying numbers that verifies a calculation needed to work out a resonance frequency that thermal heat is emitting because of the heat factor alone. Am i right in thinking this would work?
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    I'm sorry but I have no idea what you're asking. Your entire post is nothing but a word salad at the moment.
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    Geordy, maybe you were trying to be "precise" by using flowery words, but we are struggling to discern what you mean. Try to restate your question in the simplest terms possible.

    That said, I have a vague impression that you are asking whether one can correlate the frequency of vibration of the atoms in a material to its heat. If that's your question, let me know.
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    Try shorter sentences. Your first has 75 words in it.
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    If you have some setup in mind, it would help to describe that setup first. Where do you imagine a laser? What is it doing? What do you want to measure?
  7. Jun 13, 2017 #6
    I am imaginig a solid state laser that you can record electromagnetic radiation using thermal radiation and the heat output at a central point while defining its resonance frequency which i believe is recorded by the wave length and a central point (focal point)

    Is it possible to identify a resonance frequency via a heat source?

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    Record what, with what?
    Resonance frequency of what?
    A central point of what? If it is the center, what is around it?
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    How about a diagram? (With extensive labels)
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