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Statically indeterminate fixed end beam problem

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    Im having difficulties performing stress analysis on a component i designed for a project. I've ran FEA in solidworks giving me the Von Mises stress and the displacement due to the load. My supervisor has asked me to back up the fea with hand calculations but im have a hard time. The part is a double fixed end beam with two moments acting in the middle symmetrically. Attached you will find a schematic of the part. The material used is 6061-T6. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    The simplest thing to do is treat it as an uncoupled torsion/flexure problem.

    Treat as pure torsion - similar example:
    Obtain the shear stresses (e.x. maximum shear stress) (1)

    Treat as pure bending - similar example:
    Obtain the shear and bending stresses (e.x. maximum bending stress) (2)

    (1) and (2) give you the stresses that you need to form the complete stress tensor, say, at the top surface of the beam. You can then obtain the von Mises stress from that stress tensor.

    Hope that helps
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    Thank you very much for your response and time. I will attempt this method
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