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Statistics on social media bot use and detection

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    I am currently doing some research on the impact of social media bots. I am looking into the social and cultural aspects of bot use in social media.
    The technology I have under wraps but I do not have much information on the social aspect and impact of bot use. I also like to find some statistics on use, detection and prevention.
    My premise is that social media is becoming the next electronic garbage spam dump next to email. (If not already so)
    Besides this I would like to do some credibility study on the perceived news the bots spam. How credible does news look if it is coming from bots? (regardless if it is true or not)

    This is some of the information I have found so far. (just a small list but have many more examples but not so much on the social impact or cultural impact.
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    What do you mean by social media bots? Programs that auto post?
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    Social Media bots are automated systems (AI or Expert Systems) that monitor communications and perform tasks based on their programming. This can be as simple as copy the message to other media or people to elaborate actions including the (not so) subtle change of wording in the original message, or even reacting on the 'news'.
    As social media becomes less and less reliable, as it is manipulated by automated entities with agenda's of their own (you can pretty much figure out who benefits the most with this kind of manipulations, the value of such media diminishes or even becomes useless.
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