social media

  1. Adesh

    How to make your ideas reach people?

    First of all I apologize if this kind of questions are not allowed here. I sometimes get some thoughts, ideas on some social issues around me and I discuss those ideas with people whom I know personally. Then I thought of spreading it more so I started making my own Youtube videos and started...
  2. scottdave

    Netiquette Core Rules

    I am taking an online course on Analytics Modeling from Georgia Tech. The introductory section included a link to a list of core Netiquette Rules, which I find pretty useful.
  3. ComplexVar89

    Crackpot Quandary

    You know someone's a crackpot when you're at an undergraduate level and you can still see how wrong they are. Like, using basic terminology incorrectly and everything. The whole works. It's facepalm-worthy. How do you deal with that? I mean, I can't just ignore it when this person is...