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Stealthy Antennas...

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    I spotted this "palm tree" in Santa Clara a few days ago. It's in a church parking lot, near some other real palm trees. Pretty clever way for the church to make some extra money on the side from a cell phone provider.

    My girlfriend spotted a much stealthier cell antenna tower disguised as a pine tree -- I'll try to post a picture of it soon if I can figure out how to get a picture of it without getting run over (it's on a highway offramp).

    What stealthy cell tower antennas or HAM/other antennas have you spotted? :smile:

    Cell Tower Palm Tree in Santa Clara.jpg
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    cool ....
    gosh will have to hunt through my first USA trip in 1999, pretty sure I got a photo or 2 of southern Colorado cell towers looking like pine trees

    will look when I get home tonite

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    I saw an abandoned cell phone tower in Bali that was completely covered with vines, Planet of the Apes style.
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    Hmm, I don't think that counts. Unless of course, they re-activate the tower and don't trim the vines...:smile:
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    Sorry. It was the best I could do.
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    I found a picture of a ninja parade online. I'm sure some of them had radios. :smile:
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    I have lots of pictures with invisible cell towers. At least I think they are cell towers. :wink:
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    found it !! :smile:


    here's the same tower ... I managed to find it in google street view ( serious exercise !)

    colorado cell tower1.jpg

    the view below is from close enough to the same spot that I took my photo from

    colorado cell tower2.jpg

    and finally a google earth location map ( within the red oval) .... not too far nth of Colorado Springs .....

    colorado cell tower location.JPG

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