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Stiffness vs. electric potential

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    How is stiffness affected by potential?
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    Your question seems about as valid as the question "How is stiffness affected by strawberry jam?" Are you talking about mechanical stiffness? This is still ill defined... in what mechanical modules are you interested? If you are, what kind of material are you talking about? So your potential is supposed to be an electrical potential. Did you have a set up for some kind of voltage in mind?

    The answer is probably: "Electric potential doesn't affect stiffness." Just like strawberry jam normally doesn't affect stiffness.
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    Hmm, I know by repeated experiments performed by my children that strawberry jam applied liberally and allowed to dry does indeed affect the stiffness of shirts, pants, carpet, and hair (both human and feline). Admittedly, said experiments were performed without the benefit of a proper control group, and the statistical error analysis has been notably missing, but the randomization of the experimental design was superb. :smile: My children, being incorrigible empiricists, have also been running similar studies on raspberry jam, honey, and syrup; I found their most recent experiment with syrup just last night.

    That said, I fully agree with your general point.
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