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Strange case: Bottle of water freezing

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    Cool demonstration but not a mystery much: I think it is just supercooling. The lack of imperfections etc. provides a lack of nucleation centres.

    Shaking does the rest.
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    I think you are right....I no idea water could be supercooled to such a LOW temperature:


    I'm also surprised because reviews of bottled water show it often of a no so good quality...Consumer Reports, I think.
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    Exactly, it is due to the lack of suspended solids and gas bibbles to act as nucleation centres. Overheating is also easily observed if you heat water twice in a microwave oven. The second time due to the lack of gas bubles to act as seeds for condensation you can reach a temperature much above water's boling point without boiling, however, any disturbance causes an explosive generation of vapour (if you decide to try it, be very careful!).
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