Strange Magnus Force in a Whirlpool

In summary, the conversation discusses the existence and effects of the Magnus force on a whirlpool or tornado. It is suggested that the Magnus force may only occur when there is a change in the velocity of the water or wind, and that the whirlpool or tornado may not be affected by it due to their structure and the features of the ground or flow system. It is also mentioned that the flow pattern and details of the system play a role in the behavior of the whirlpool or tornado.
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Narayanan KR

1. Imagine a big river with water flowing constant velocity , assume there is a whirlpool at center as shown in the figure.

2. Because of the magnus force the whirlpool should move towards left or right towards river bank depending on the spin, but it does't happens it just stays fine in its why?

3. I believe that magnus force will exists in whirl pool only when the velocity of water changes (acceleration), not just velocity , since the whirlpool is itself a part of the water flow.

4. apply the same to tornado and faraday's law of electromagnetic induction (as anology).
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Your whirlpool would have to be a solid object to apply the Magnus force. It is not.
In addition, the whirlpool is probably formed by some feature of the ground, and this feature does not move.
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its a thought experiment, question is will the conical structure of wirpool bend towards right or left when the water current changes ?
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What happens to your whirlpool depends on the cause of it, and tons of details of the flow system.
The left side has a slower flow which will influence the flow pattern, but the details depend on the details of the system.
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ok forget the whirlpool imagine a tornado, suppose a strong wind current flows towards it will it experience a magnus force?
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A wind blowing over water? No.

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What is the Strange Magnus Force in a Whirlpool?

The Strange Magnus Force in a Whirlpool is a phenomenon where a spinning vortex, such as a whirlpool, creates a force on objects that is perpendicular to their motion. This force is known as the Magnus force and is caused by the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the vortex.

How does the Strange Magnus Force affect objects in a whirlpool?

The Strange Magnus Force can affect objects in a whirlpool by either pushing them towards the center of the vortex or pulling them towards the outer edge, depending on their orientation and direction of motion. This can cause objects to spiral or rotate as they move through the vortex.

What causes the Strange Magnus Force in a Whirlpool?

The Strange Magnus Force is caused by the rotation of the vortex and the difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the vortex. This difference in pressure creates a force that is perpendicular to the motion of objects within the vortex.

Can the Strange Magnus Force be seen in other types of vortices?

Yes, the Strange Magnus Force can also be seen in other types of vortices, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and even in the wake of a moving boat. The same principles of rotation and pressure differences apply in these situations as well.

How is the Strange Magnus Force used in scientific research?

The Strange Magnus Force is used in scientific research to study fluid dynamics and the behavior of objects in vortices. It is also used in engineering to design more efficient propellers and turbines, as well as in sports such as golf and tennis to control the flight of balls. It has also been studied as a potential source of renewable energy.

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