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Stress-energy tensor for a rotating object

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    I'm currently looking at stress-energy tensors and while I understand that T00 is density and T11, T22 and T33 are pressure, where does angular momentum fit in this? I'm assuming the quantities T21, T31 and T32 might have something to do with this. For example, how would you incorporate the rotational kinetic energy of a neutron star with a frequency of 1000 Hz? [itex](E_k=1/2\cdot 0.4mr^2\cdot (f\pi2)^2)[/itex] Also, when might the shear stress quantities, T12, T13 and T23 apply? Cheers.


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    I think angular momentum is in the T0k terms. This represents an energy flow, which clearly exists in a rotating object.
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