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String Hypotheses (Post yours also!)

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    String Theory Hypothesis
    Hello everyone! This is my first post here :D Id like to say how great this forum is, and how it will help me in my quantum mechanics studies as soon as I find the time to read everything.
    I have been pondering some things for a while - and would like some feedback if anyone is interested :-).
    1) Amazing thing - two polar opposite particles able to 'communicate' with eachother over distances of millions of light years instantly. (NASA even did an experiment on this last year which worked.) How can this happen? My idea is that having two opposite particles means that they are going to bend space in the exact same way. If they can affect eachother so suddenly, they have to be connected. If strings exist, then 'antistrings' should exist, and if spacetime is a large piece of flat rubbery fabric in a sphere shape (yes I am assuming things a lot here, but hear me out :D) and there is a large amount of anti-strings in the middle, then each individual prostring would be attracted to the antistrings, pulling down on the fabric of space, creating mass. If two particles are identical, they should have the same vibrations of strings, which would make them pulled down onto the antistrings exactly the same amount. They could then meet (Think of it as a trampoline with two people standing on it, if they angle towards eachother, they will touch at the same point), and would affect eachother as they would be the same particle.
    This could explain why blackholes act the way they do, for they break thru the fabric of space, but only allow the prostrings into the middle of space -- letting the antistrings out (Hawking's radiation..).

    (Why not try and explain the entire universe in one post -- here comes chaos!)
    2) If everything is constantly moving (spinning, moving around in space), then they are all interfering with the other atom's spacetime bends. If everything is bending spacetime atleast somewhat - it must bend the entire universe - which would create a very great mess of bends and curves. If a particle tries to move across these bends and curves, it would make for a very wavy and unpredictable journey! (aka.. chaos)

    I have a few more ideas, but I should work out some more logic behind them first before posting.
    Thanks for your responses!
    -StringCheese :D
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    Personal theories are not welcome here. Please do not continue to post them.

    - Warren
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