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[String-schools] Confnews

  1. Mar 22, 2006 #1

    some of the conferences below are most probably already in our list...



    TTP3.06 5.1-6 Trends in theoretical physics III
    (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    GGI.06 5.2-6.30 New directions beyond the standard model in
    field and string theory" (Florence, Italy)
    http://www.fi.infn.it/GGI/activities/NewDir.html [Broken]

    ISAPP.06 5.23-31 Intl school on astro-particle physics
    (European doctorate school): Neutrinos in
    physics, astrophysics and cosmology
    (Munich, Germany)
    http://www.mppmu.mpg.de/ISAPP06/ [Broken]

    HOPKINS.06 6.6-8 Where do we go from the standard model?
    (Florence, Italy)
    http://www.fi.infn.it/GGI/activities/JohnsHopkinsWorkshop.htm [Broken]

    STRINGS.06 6.19-24 Intl conference on strings 2006
    (Beijing, China)
    http://strings06.itp.ac.cn [Broken]

    PGCDU.06 8.21-9.2 School on particle physics, gravity and
    cosmology (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

    ISAPP.06 9.28-10.5 Intl school on astro-particle physics,
    European doctorate school "dark matter and
    dark energy" (Sorrento, Naples, Italy)
    http://isapp06na.na.infn.it/ [Broken]

    VIENNA.06 12.1-3 3rd Vienna Central European seminar on
    particle physics and quantum field theory:
    challenges in particle phenomenology
    (Vienna, Austria)

    PLANCK.07 6.8-13 19th European meeting "from the Planck scale
    to the electroweak scale" (Warsaw, Poland)
    http://www.fuw.edu.pl/~susy/Planck07.html [Broken]

    String-schools mailing list
    http://mailserv.aei.mpg.de/mailman/listinfo/string-schools [Broken]
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