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Strong, Low Friction material better than teflon?

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    I'm working on an engineering problem where we are using Teflon as a low-friction material as a surface for plastic parts to move above. However, the material is wearing faster than expected due to the plastic rubbing away at the Teflon. Is there a non-metallic material that has equal or better low-friction characteristics to Teflon, yet it is stronger then plastic?
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    It's unclear if the Teflon or the plastic parts are wearing?
    If it's the Teflon wearing, use a harder Teflon, if it's the plastic parts, use a softer Teflon.
    Why do you need good strength? Is the low friction surface also structural?
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    The Teflon is wearing.
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    You could use Devatex 1, Orkot TXM-M, Tenmat T814, Lubron or bar stock from iglide called J350 or something similar.
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    Look at Rulon, several different flavors.
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    Maybe the plastic parts that abraid the Teflon are reinforced with glass fiber or some other abraisive filler?
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