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Study Aerospace Engineeringing after Mechanical Engineering

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    I'm a last year student in Mechanical Engineering in Belgium (Europe). Next year I will have the degree Master in Mechanical Engineering (Dutch: Master in Burgerlijk ingenieur Werktuigbouwkunde).

    If I would decide to study for Aerospace engineering (Master in Lucht- en ruimtevaart) it would take only 1 year in Belgium because I would already be a mechanical engineer. Is this also the case in the United States?

    So would I have the possibility to obtain Master in Aerospace Engineering in the US in 1 year?

    Which universities are the best for Aerospace Engineering according to you (with a real chance to get in-> not like MIT by example)?

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    Only if the university/program give credit for courses taken in the Mech Eng program and one completes a thesis in one year. Normally two years would be required, particularly if one enters from another university or other program.

    It's unusual, but not impossible.
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