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Study Habits Concerning Math And Physics

  1. Jun 5, 2012 #1
    Well, now that Summer has arrived, I've found myself re-examining previously learned material, and of course new things as well. But I think my study habits may need adjusting, the evidence of this being that I am experiencing an inordinate amount of stress. What I have been doing was trying to learn (and re-learn) topics in mathematics and physics, in addition to trying to solve problems from both subjects. So, essentially I was wondering if it would be more prudent to approach learning in this way: in one day I would read new information in, say, physics, and break up this time of learning new physics by solving some math problems; then, day two I would read new information in mathematics, and break up the time by solving some problems in physics. Does this sound more reasonable than my prior approach? Am I completely mad for thinking that I had to do all of it in one day? I sort of feel incompetent by not being able to do it all in one day. I suppose I just need a little encouragement.
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  3. Jun 6, 2012 #2
    It's generally difficult to answer questions like that one. Just try it and you will see. People prefer various learning modes and patterns, the one you propose would certainly kill me as I prefer more concentrated focus on one thing at a time to changing things. However, I'm quite curious in different patterns, as I plan to learn a lot of stochastics during the summer holiday and I'll have to avoid boredom :-))
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