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Medical Stuttering (article)

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    I used to knoew a kid who stuttered a lot, years of speech therapy got him to sound perfectly normal....still interesting to know what might cause it.
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    I found a paper a few months ago that had a much more specific take on it, and said brain scans had showed that stutterers have much more bilateral language distribution than most. In most people language is firmly based in the left hemisphere but in stutterers a great deal of it was shunted over to the right.

    They also pointed out how a particular dynamic came into play, which made it worse, which was the more effort they make to force the words out the more it ends up preventing it. Kind of a Chinese finger puzzle situation.

    This all was in a student paper I found that was quoting from studies that I couldn't find on the web (at least, not for free). Her quotes were intriguing enough that I wanted to read the whole of at least one of the papers she cited.
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    Cure = drama class.
    Trust me on this one.

    Now that's its been a few years away from it. I stutter again.
    Simply lots of rehearsing.. lots of speech, lots of emotional stability needed for that stuff.
    When you get done with drama, you become a whole new person.

    I often break character too. I'm sure drama class comes into interest with mirror neurons in the ability to stay in character. Must be a lot of interesting neurological things that contribute. This is where art has a psychological value to it.
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    There is certainly evidence in favor of this being a successful therapy. James Earl Jones used to stutter before he got into acting. Danny Glover is another famous case. I'm glad you mentioned it helped you out as well.
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