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Subjecting a Magnetorheological Fluid to both poles of a magnet?

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    Hi, I'm new here, but it seems there are some pretty intellectual people running around.
    I was researching magnetorheological fluids, simply because I came across them and thought they were really interesting. I learned that when they are subjected to a magnetic field, the iron particles in them line up and make a crystalline form, changing the fluid from liquid to solid.
    However, that is a magnetic field. What if both poles of a magnet (same current in alternate electromagnets) were pointed at the fluid? Would anything happen?

    Any help would be very appreciated :smile:.
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    If you had 2 bar magnets and then pointed them at the fluid, one with the north pole facing and the other with the south pole facing. It would kill the B field a lot.
    What does amperes law tell us about B fields. B is proportional to the current enclosed.
    If I have 2 current loops on top of each other with their currents in opposite directions, the current enclosed is zero so their is no B field.
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