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Subjectivity/objectivity indicate new physics

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    A mirror, audiovisual recording, public speaking, meditation, interpersonal touch and similar means of feedback show differing perspectives between self and other. Between observer and observed are shared processes with innovative paths of communication utilizable in the understanding of physics.

    Quantum participation and spacetime relativity manifest specific aspects of human self/other interaction. Can we think of another personal perspective applicable towards a new interpretation of physics?
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    subject/object interconnection.

    my thoughts on subjectivity/objectivity:

    there is the self, and there is all the rest.
    the self is also within the rest.
    the rest is also within the self.
    so there is interconnection between all.

    the subject is an object when looked at objectively.
    an object is also a subject, when looked at subjectively.
    subject: interior infinite.
    object: exterior infinite.
    subject/object: infinite interior/exterior interconnection.

    subjectivity is inherently inseperatable from objectivity, and vice versa.

    for example:

    a subject (ie. a person) grows up by themself, and knows all about their own percieved reality. this person has a subjective view, but only to someone who has a differing view.

    if many people share a subjective 'truth', an objective 'truth' is constructed.

    Plato defines knowledge as:

    1. believed.
    2. 'true' (he says truth needs to be proved and known by others independent of belief, and must be eternal)
    3. justified.

    but i think this is outmoded and only applicable to certain systems.
    ie. Physicalism defines and discovers truths about 'physical' reality. but i do not believe a definition of 'physical' reality is the only way of percieving. there are many alternative forms of reality, constructed by many different ways of living/conceptualising.

    Many doctrines supposedly form objective truths, but they do this using language that subjects invent. even if these truths were applicable to all of which the observers know, it cannot be assumed that this IS what IS. objective reality just is. theorise all we want so that we can exploit this reality, but, to say we actually know what is, is egotistic in my eyes.

    When it comes down to fundamentals, an object/subject is always a combination or interrelation between many objects/subjects. (many will dispute this and i am ready for them). the human body is an object, made up of many smaller objects (cells, atoms etc.). the human self is a subject, made up of many subjects (cultural influences, etc.).

    space, time, and energy between seperate objects varies, no? (relativism?)

    so thinking about it in this way, one could assume all human bodies as being one object. and all of the human selves as being one subject. this brings up issues of collective consciousness, and also is like comparing us to small organisms, such as bees, who act in ways that are far more advanced in their synchronicity and group behaviour than we as humans are, with our schizophrenic global society.

    anyway cheers Loren, :wink: hope this helps your most excellent cause.
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    I once posed a thread as to whether consciousness might be divisible.
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