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Submitting on arXiv before Physical Review B

  1. May 25, 2013 #1
    Dear All,
    I wonder if there are any constraints about posting a paper draft on arXiv before the submission to PRB?
    If there is any legal constraints what are they?
    What other things which may affect the paper's publication? for example: Editors not feeling excited about the paper because it is available to the public before being published....etc

    Thank you very much
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    I have published in Phys Rev D and posting papers to the arxiv before submission was never an issue. I do not think that the Phys Rev B policy would be too different. The main reference to e-print servers that I find in the instructions to authors is (from http://prb.aps.org/info/polprocb.html)

    "They should also provide information about other recent relevant unpublished work of theirs (e.g., for a paper under consideration by an APS journal, supply the code number; for one submitted to another journal, provide the title; for a paper deposited on an e-print server, supply the e-print number)."

    So one could read from this that they consider a paper deposited on an e-print server to be unpublished. Unless the paper was submitted for publication to another journal, there isn't a constraint on submitting it to an APS journal.

    In practice, there are over 1000 papers on the arxiv that were subsequently published in Phys Rev B (see http://arxiv.org/find/all/1/jr:+AND+b+AND+phys+rev/0/1/0/all/0/1) so I cannot imagine that posting on the arxiv could be a problem.
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    It is common to upload a paper to arXiv at the same time as submitting it - that's the idea behind a preprint server. Still, as the author you should of course have read the contract you are about to engage in with the publisher. They more often than not explicitly state their policy towards preprint servers. I used to keep a list of journals and their policies on my homepage. For Phys. Rev., I kept this link: http://publish.aps.org/copyrightFAQ.html#rights and the following relevant quote
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    Uploading a preprint to the arXiv is not a problem with PRB (I always do that). Just make sure you update the submission with the correct reference etc. if/when you manuscript gets published in PRB.
  6. May 26, 2013 #5
    Thank you very much for your valuable answers.
    My last (hopefully) question would be about which license to choose?
    Is :arXiv.org perpetual, non-exclusive license to distribute this article" ok?

    Thank you very much
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