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I just wanted to know if there's any particular textbook on dynamics that you would suggest. I've been thinking of buying the one by Beer et al. or Riley & Sturges, because they are the ones suggested by our teachers. However we're not using them in class and I also saw other books by Meriam & Kraige, Hibbeler, Bedford & Fowler, etc.

Is there any particular textbook that you would suggest?

Thanks a lot for your help.

PS: I need to cover the following subjects: Newton's laws, friction, dynamics with frames of reference in translation/rotation, energy and work, angular momentum, simple harmonic motion, particle systems, shocks and plane rigid body dynamics (inc. energy). However it would be great if it covered 3D rigid body dynamics and vibrations, because then I'd be able to use it next semester too.
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Taylor's classical mechanics?

It also contains what you will learn in your second and third class in classical mechanics, the theory of special relativity and Lagrange and Hamiltonian formalism of mechanics.
Kleppner & Kolenkow? Or maybe something more advanced?


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The OP's textbooks are geared toward engineers, not physicists.
They differ by emphasis and choice of applications.
(For example, you won't find much on the method of sections in a physicist's mechanics text.)
Thanks guys I'm checking those out. FYI, I'm studying engineering.

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