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Suggestions on Undergraduate Physics Textbooks

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    In a few months I'll be entering college towards a physics degree, and I'm in need of some suggestions for introductory physics textbooks. I'm looking for a book that encompasses all of the basics of physics, but nothing too watered-down. Calculus-based would be nice. Anyone have any suggestions? I've been looking at this one:

    University Physics with Modern Physics 12th Edition - Hugh D. Young, Roger A. Freedman
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    I've been using University Physics for self-study, and I'm very satisfied with it. A lot of interesting problems and examples, good organization and exposition of materials, isn't afraid to use some advanced math (it introduces the gradient in Chapter 7, for example, and does some stuff on differential equations in the section on fluid resistance. I haven't seen such material in the Halliday Resnick book), but a beginner to physics can fully understand it. But of course, in the end it's up to your personal preference, as there are many good books out there. Go to an university library and see which fits your style the best.
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