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Super quick question about Spongy bone?

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    http://www.indg.in/health/womenhealth/2.jpg [Broken]



    Is the spongy bone covered by compact bone? I mean is it only when you cut the top bit(compact bone) you can see the spongy bone?

    I know the pics are self explanatory but just like to clarify. I hope you don't mind. Thanks :smile:
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    Yes it is. Compact bone tissue forms the external layer of all bones . Sorry guys I take responsiblity for not doing research before hand. I actually did but only now did I find it.
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    Hey, it's cool that you ask questions especially difficult to research ones. People here are more than glad to help you out in your biological endeavours :tongue:. Sometimes people, like myself though, don't like it when it seems like the person asking the questions doesn't make a concious effort to find the information themselves. It's a really important skill to pick up when your in the sciences... so is not being afraid to ask questions though.

    So this shows to me that you are developing both of those skills, no need to apologize.
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    Thanks Zom :smile: It is really nice of you to say something like this. :smile:
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