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Super String Equation?

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    Super String Equation????

    Hey, I'm really into this theory about super strings and different demisions. Would anyone know what the super string equation is. I have looked all over the internet for it and I can't find it anywhere. Please help!!!
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    Re: Super String Equation????

    A good web site, but it only lists possible formulas and does not explain how they work or the fundamental theory behind them.

    When I clicked the Math page, for example, I get summaries of maths taught in college and then links to Amazon.com books to buy. But no real definition or example of what those maths teach and how they apply to string theory. The web site is almost useless because of that.

    It seems to be advertising for Amazon.com Math books and other stuff it uses as a cop-out not to teach the details of the theory.
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    Re: Super String Equation????

    I guess there is still not one single equation from which the theory can be deduced, but only a set (or web) of equations with some (rigorous and not so rigorous) dualities between them; it is not known whether one of them is the defining equation (or whether it is still unknown), nor do we know whether such an equation exists at all.
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    Re: Super String Equation????

    Asking for an 'equation of string theory' is not really a well formed question. You might start with the action:
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    Re: Super String Equation????

    An example was discussed in older threads 1 and 2. You could also march through this old thread. String theory has multiple descriptions and none of them is known to cover all the different "spaces".
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